5 Ways To Discipline Yourself


It can be hard for you to discipline your bad habits, whether it’s junk food eating or giving excuses on why you don’t want to train with your friend at the gym. The key is to be aware of what needs to be done and gradually replace bad habits with good ones. Repeat this question, “What is the best that can happen once I complete the task?” Be mindful of that problem for you feel challenged. The more aware you are, the more natural discipline becomes for here are five ways that can help better your control.



To discipline yourself, you must be able to accept your reality for what it is and acknowledge how much self-control you may have for it. Understand that you will have to bring to the surface your bad habits for ignorance, and denial will blindfold you and your improvements. Once you set yourself up for growth, focus on small changes. Don’t jump the gun just yet, especially if you know that your mindset is not ready for it. The better you can keep yourself aware, the better you can work toward fixing them.



Next is self-control, which is the ability to handle yourself to carry out your plan of action. One way that works best is to gradually create your environment into one that will allow you to achieve your goals. For example, your friends that you mainly be around can play a part in your situation. If you see yourself always being around them, just put yourself around those that may be doing what you wish to do. Another step can be starting positive habits in small natural phases — but you must begin to small as mentioned earlier and give it at least a month before adding on the next change. Self-control also means controlling your feelings and emotions so don’t put yourself down if you fail at something.



The effort in which you put in is what you will get out for why this is the third support beam of discipline, and this doesn’t get the credit that it deserves. Meaning that there’s less competition and less opportunity for you when you half-ass effort. The harder you apply yourself to the challenge, the bigger the reward. Of course, it may seem as if nothing is working but keep climbing the wall. The effort shows how bad you want it and this distinguishes those that are hungry to those that are too full to move.



The fourth one is productivity. Productivity is being able to bring your thoughts to reality on time. You may find it best to want to improve your mindset or create the lifestyle you want to have. All of that comes from your thinking, and anything that you think will be used to create reality.  Knowing how to manage your thoughts and act on them timely will increase your productivity. For a regular gym-goer, compare your tracking of doing the same activities in 30 minutes with the one you did in 1 hour! Notice the difference in timing? Once again, pat yourself on the back for acting on what you want to enhance, but now it’s time to be more efficient.



And finally, perseverance is what gives you the courage to keep going, despite wanting to quit. As you continue to achieve goals, results will come. For example, I take days off and use the mornings to do my light activities to help with recovery from the previous day of training. Of course, like those started something new, I was a bit inconsistent, but as time passed, I was even better than when I started. By wanting something bad enough, you’ll find ways to set deadlines and tell everyone about them to create a positive support system. Not only will this help set you off with better discipline but it will seriously improve your lifestyle.


Quick Takeaway

Without the discipline needed to set you apart during your adventure, anything can be counted on as a setback. You may find it best to have accountability from a support system that can encourage your decisions, even before you have the option to choose. Such positive behavior can increase your competence and bring about the confidence in which you may never know existed from the start. If you want great accountability and guidance on your journey, free feel to click here for additional details about my 1-on-1 coaching to see what action plan is best for you.

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