John, based in Atlanta, GA, is recognized as the go-to professional when it comes to empowering busy men and women in their profession through his fitness coach training. By specializing in body muscle sculpting through weight training, presenting fitness topics at events, and being certified as a health and fitness coach, John not only has the experiences but is persistent and passionate about seeing it through.


John Paul believes that health is an art. He knows that creating a healthy aesthetic body starts on the inside first. The outside is a mere reflection of a healthy perspective and mind frame. Thus, when you work with John Paul as your health and fitness influencer, breaking down those mental barriers and negative thoughts is his top priority.

In addition to working on the mind first, John Paul thrives by a value system that always pursues growth in a humble, yet confident manner. He believes that consistency can build from hard work, dedication, education, and positivity. With that in mind, his mission is to empower you to create beautiful minds and bodies through weight training, clean plant-based eating, and inspiration. He will provide the tools so that your new mindset and physique allow you to have the ability to enjoy the quality of life. John Paul will work with you to do the following listed:

  • Set body sculpting fitness goals
  • Create goals setting strategies for better focus
  • Support and encourage you along the way through open and honest communication
  • Create a detailed exercise and eating plan to help you achieve your goals
  • Provide materials and resources to help educate you along the way
  • Achivement

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Learn more about how this health and fitness influencer is making it happen through:
  • Weight Training
  • Plant Style Eating
  • Inspiration and Empowerment