Are You Not Determined and Dedicated



To Be Determined:

First, to be determined, of course, you must want it. Then what if you are not able to get, you quit and move to the next thing that may be easy. To have, you must make a firm decision, meaning you can not let others shake your belief.

Having determination is a powerful tool for It takes bravery, to stand out among others and set the path. Your goal is similar to the horizon. It may seem like the more you walk toward it, the more it stays the distance and doesn’t want to come closer. No worries as It will always be like that to the best of us. So you may ask, “Why am I still going if this is how it’s going to be?” To do this, you need time, and this is where dedication kicks in.


To Be Dedicated:

To accomplish any exercise, you want to see growth in; time plays a huge part. You need to devote time to the tasks because it is only then when your mind-body connection becomes more synced. Notice how you move smoother than when you first started under pressure.

The reason is, over time, your brain works by receiving and transmitting information. The brain knows that you will be repeating the same movement over. Therefore your mind enables the body to react to the signals sent to move faster and better. Look at it as the brain taking your body on a highway instead of the back routes. You may need to understand that exercising itself can have the mind thinking it is in danger( but in a right way)

So, devote time to creating that pleasing body. Spend the precious opportunity to better eating habits or a mind that will not back down from no challenge. The strength that you gain will be a positive reaction to the pressure that you endured to get to where you at on your journey. Therefore, Is not thinking and acting upon things that will bring greatness but how you REACT that will bring forth the best in you.

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