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Tell me if this is you. You’re on the treadmill running like a hamster chasing cheesing and yet, no results. You are pushing and pulling weight at the gym, but yet nothing shows. If this is not you, don’t worry, but if so, keep reading.  If you are putting the work in and nothing seems to be working, then you need to huddle up and restrategize. I’ll hate for you to think that time in the gym is a wasteful investment, so I’ll ask this question, “Are you “working out” or are you “training”?  For the sake of your sanity, keep reading if you wish to know the difference between winning and losing.


Working Out vs. Training: Purpose

Working out is equivalent to a person at a gun range shooting with their eyes closed hoping to hit the bull’s eye. You shoot, reload, shoot, reload, and the cycle continues. You’re wasting resources ( times spent at the location and money to uphold the maintenance).  Whereas in the gym, you spend the time going using up to the fitness club, probably get on a treadmill for 30 minutes as a warm up to burn calories, walk over to different machines that you feel might work, work out for well over an hour, and call that a good “workout.”

Training, on the other hand, is a strategy carried out with tactics that will help you execute your plan to action. Take the gun range, for example, you pick a gun specifically for the distance you’re shooting from, rounds of ammo needed, focus, aim, and fire right on the mark. Whereas you go to the gym, and your plan is to lift weights to get a stronger, aesthetically pleasing physique. You have a plan that has tactics including the amount of weight used, reps and sets (volume), how many exercises used to target specific areas of the body and more.


Working Out vs. Training: Muscle Confusion

Working out is thinking trying new “workouts.”  thinking you will confuse your muscles into getting leaner. The exercise approach is called muscle confusion is used only by those thinking to shock doing different activities each day.  To help this towards training,  you need to apply progressive overload. The approach of training lets your body adapt to the pressure over time to get stronger, bigger, or leaner.


Working Out vs. Training: Sense of Direction

Working out to carry out the same workout routine for months up to years without any progression or adjustment is bound to have you want to throw in the towel. A better approach would be that every 4-6 weeks you look into adjusting your sets, reps, weight, and exercises. You may need to de-load from weight or volume from time to time if you want to recover faster on your active rest days. Here’s another example, you show up, find a treadmill or machine and think you’re going to burn 500 of your calories. With very little or no guidance, then you are working out. A different approach to this requires consistency and complete focus. The approach of just going at it by yourself is usually hard to do your own if your mindset is not properly aligned. Therefore, you need support.


Working Out vs. Training: Quantity vs. Quality

You speak on the number such as how many sets and reps of squat jumps you finished, or how long your overall workout was. If this continues then, your results will be little to none. To counter that exercise approach, concentrate on training your body to learn skills and not sacrifice quality for quantity.

If you are looking to step into training instead of having no plan while you are in the gym, head over here to download my 12 week program that will keep you focused on the end goal while maximizing on your results. 



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