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The Importance of Training Your Back

  Training your body usually is an out of sight, out of mind thing, which brings the discussion towards the back muscles. There are four major muscles of the back where are: Rhomboids, Trapezius aka “traps,” Latissimus dorsi aka “lats” and erector spinae ...

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Understanding the Benefits of Training Chest

  When it comes to this muscle, in particular, it gets all the attention. One of the largest muscle groups in the upper body is the chest muscles, which are made up of the pectoralis major, aka the “pecs” and the pectoralis minor. You stimulate the ...

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How To See Results In Less Time

  If you want to know simple ways to up your progression while weight training, here are a few things to keep in mind while you're in the gym weight training:   Incre...

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6 Mind Changing Benefits of Lifting Weights

  Many people tend to think about how lifting weights just build a body, but it runs a little deeper than just lifting weights for the muscles of the body. What about your mind? For that’s the first muscle in line you have to train to even to get yourse...

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Core Vs Abs: Know The Difference

  You know, when you think about looking at your body in the mirror, the first place you see is your stomach. The most standard goal is that you want to lose the “stomach” and have abs maybe.  Well, the muscle that you care about is the same muscle t...

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