How Focusing On Mirror Muscles Will Cause Injury

  We have all seen and may have been victims of it. What I am speaking of is commonly referred to as “muscle imbalance,"  and regularly this is usually seen with most guys. As familiar as this may be, this occurs with other muscle groups too. Therefore, it’s essential for the sake of health, aesthetics, a...

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Are You Working Out Or Training

  Tell me if this is you. You're on the treadmill running like a hamster chasing cheesing and yet, no results. You are pushing and pulling weight at the gym, but yet nothing shows. If this is not you, don’t worry, but if so, keep reading.  If you are p...

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Top 5 Exercises You Can Do Anywhere, At Anytime

  When it comes to working out let’s face it, it can be difficult going to the gym at times. What about having no gym membership, this can be discouraging too. Well, no need to worry for there are five of the best workouts you can do with no problem. You can use your b...

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