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5 Ways To Discipline Yourself

It can be hard for you to discipline your bad habits, whether it’s junk food eating or giving excuses on why you don’t want to train with your friend at the gym. The key is to be aware of what needs to be done and gradually replace bad habits with good ones. Repeat this ques...

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Using Your Playlist As Inspiration

You head to the gym, you dress out, maybe hit the treadmill or move some weight, but you half-ass through your training. If this you? Don’t worry, sometimes just getting yourself warmed up can be the hard part. You put the time and gas into traveling to the gym, why not give i...

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Are You Not Determined and Dedicated

  To Be Determined: First, to be determined, of course, you must want it. Then what if you are not able to get, you quit and move to the next thing that may be easy. To have, you must make a firm decision, meaning you can not let others shake yo...

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Seek Empowerment, Not Motivation

  In all actuality, you probably think motivation is what helps us accomplish things in life. While this may hold some truth, it’s still more to the story to why you want to achieve something in the first place. Understanding empowerment will give a bet...

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