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If you want to know simple ways to up your progression while weight training, here are a few things to keep in mind while you’re in the gym weight training:


Increase Repetitions (Reps)

When building muscles, you may need to increase your reps depending on your goals individually. If you’re building strength along with muscle, you will need to focus on lifting the weight from between 8-10 reps. By doing this, you’re focusing on how much you can raise the weight while reaching for muscle gains equally. If you’re building endurance along with muscle, you will need to concentrate on increasing the weight from between 10-12 reps. Along with this, you’re focusing on raising the weight many times while again getting muscle gains equally. As your body gets used to lifting the weight, then focus on adding more weight. The great idea is to keep a log of how many reps you did and the weight you have lifted each time you perform.


Work Toward Doing Compound Exercise

When it comes to the compound exercises, they are the go-to guys if you are looking to sculpt your body in the quickest time possible. Compound exercises are exercises that train more than one muscle group such as squats, bench press, deadlifts, chin-ups, and push-ups. Also, compound exercises have a more significant carry over into your daily living (think walking up the stairs).  If you want to include isolation workouts such as bicep curls, ab curls or triceps extensions, you can, but if you focus on the big compound moves, you’ll hit those same muscles for why they are the go-to guys when in the gym.


Add Weights To Increase Intensity

The first four to six weeks of lifting, you will need to increase the weight. The change in the program is required because your body will adjust to the coordination of the movement plus add the strength and muscle necessary for moving the weight more efficiently. After you add weight, you will notice how the motion becomes more difficult but don’t get discouraged! The added stress is required to produce more muscle and make your physique more appealing.  If you want to add more, usually 5-10 pounds will do once you can perform 1-2 repetitions over the numbers of reps on two consecutive sets. Also, ladies do not be afraid to lift as this applies to you. You want your muscles to react if you expect to get stronger, have more endurance and be leaner.


Push The Line

When starting off, start with a light set that allows you to move with slight effort and proper form. Like I said earlier in the post, whenever you’re goals are, focus on the reps and begin lifting. A weight that tires your muscle by the last couple reps is a good sign that you found the sweet spot. If your form starts to change, you’re lifting too heavy. If you perform the exercise right, you will feel the muscles instead of the weight.


How To Know If I’m Pushing Myself

To make this simple, if you experience pain, then you will not be able to move on to your next set or exercise. If you’re not experiencing pain, then you’re pushing yourself. Now you may ask about the soreness you experience after the day of training. The discomfort is reasonable, and this means your body will take at least 2-3 days of healing. As your muscles heal, this is when they become stronger, and with consistency, you will see the reconstruction of your body.


Quick Takeaway

Training can be challenging at times, especially when you just started or have been on the path with minimal results to show for the outcome. Always know that this comes with the territory as you seek the empowerment from putting in the work. If you are in need of a program to assist you, free feel to click here to download your training guide. Training guides will include exercises toward the specific muscle group, nutritional tips, and much more. If you are looking for a structured program that will help bring the outcome that you desire towards your current lifestyle, click here to send me an email to discuss what can be best for you :).

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