Aesthetic Back Sculpting Guide


Aesthetic Back Sculpting Guide

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Back development is difficult, especially if you seek aesthetics. This sculpting training guide is sure to train all the muscles of the back while leaving you with a defined v-taper. This guide is not only for gentlemen, but ladies can also benefit as well.  You will find different selections of exercises to choose from to target all muscles, even add size to the lats to give you a wing spread from the front. More goodies to read down below. Purchase your copy and start your journey today!



Aesthetic and Strength Purpose

The posterior of the upper body is full of muscle groups that can make or break your performance and appeal. With the lack of a dominant upper back, your posture will suffer. Although the chest is a symbol of pride (mainly for men), the chest will get improper exposure if you are slouching. Slouching will weaken the traps, rhomboids, rear shoulders, and other rear muscles for the most part, which will lead to an injury and an imbalance between the back and chest.


With a strong back, you can present the chest, shoulders, arms and other muscles with the respect that it deserves. Another thing that is interesting is that when you train, other muscle groups such as the rear shoulders, rotator cuff muscles, and biceps also collaborate to help. Therefore becoming stronger and gaining the size needed in the process. The functionality is that you can perform more efficient pull movements such as bringing objects closer to your body. Functional strength is a tremendous player when it comes to significant lifts such as deadlifts, squats, and bench press.


Back E-book Includes:

  • Important training tips and rules to maximize your results
  • Exercises to target different sections of the muscle
  • Essential nutrition guidelines on what to consume before, during, and after your training
  • Downloadable e-book that can be accessed on any device
  • Variety of exercises, number of rep/sets, along with rest period
  • Words of encouragement to give you the motivation that you need


1 review for Aesthetic Back Sculpting Guide

  1. Brandon M.

    Nicely done. Tried it for one day and I’m already feeling my back being sore!

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