Seek Empowerment, Not Motivation



In all actuality, you probably think motivation is what helps us accomplish things in life. While this may hold some truth, it’s still more to the story to why you want to achieve something in the first place. Understanding empowerment will give a better sense to why it’s key to changing your style of living, but first, what the difference between the two?


Empowerment (noun) – The process of becoming more stronger and confident, especially in controlling one’s life

Motivation (noun) –  the reason(s) one has to do something in a particular way


As you see from the dictionary’s definition, empowerment sounds promising while motivation seems short lived. Motivation is only seeking an outside source to push you to do something. Once that source is gone, then what’s your next move? Indeed driving empowerment can create resistance in you if you’ve been relying heavily on motivation. The process of empowering yourself happens when you transition from that external source onto developing the skills to move on without it. For example, you may have been relying on your trainer to push you through the exercises. This type of “push” would be the motivation. Another example would be not relying on your coach on some occasions.  Therefore, you take a few bruises and do the exercises for yourself. This type of “push,” my friend, is empowerment. The trick is to find ways to learn from your failures in little, non-destructive ways.


Another way of seeking empowerment is being aware of your environment. If your environment is unsafe, then you may find it difficult to take action. Having the right environment is important as it can increase the chances of taking risks and making mistakes. An environment that accepts mistakes to promote learning helps people face their fears and act decisively. Empowerment is what you earn from your action. Concentrate on creating the right environment for you to construct your empowerment and see what happens.


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