Top 5 Exercises You Can Do Anywhere, At Anytime



When it comes to working out let’s face it, it can be difficult going to the gym at times. What about having no gym membership, this can be discouraging too. Well, no need to worry for there are five of the best workouts you can do with no problem. You can use your body weight or with small equipment and the sweetest part is you can do these exercises pretty much anywhere. Get started with these five body-sculpting moves that will get your whole body in the best shape possible.



Plank is a simple exercise and can result in one of the biggest gains when it comes to core stability. To perform a plank, you hold your body in a straight line. A plank may look easy, almost too easy, but looks can be deceiving. While jumping into it may be the smooth part, the hardest is ensuring the tension for an extended period. This exercise is great for core stability and has a higher carry over into other exercises you do.



Push-Up is another of that exercise that will work be on just on anyone’s list to do without weights. Most think push ups build only the chest muscles; they do more than just that. In fact, push up can build triceps( back of your upper arm), abs, upper back, and the core muscles. With this in mind, you can view push-ups as a “moving plank.”


Jump Squats

If you’re looking for a chance to sculpt the thighs and abs, Jump squats are the exercise for you. Jump squats help in strengthen the midsection and leg muscles. It’s simple to perform for all you do is get in a regular squat position, and jump as high as you possibly can. Usually, you can do this exercise for power-based training, but by doing more reps, you turn it into a cardio based exercise.



When it comes to back workouts,  using weights can be easy to do. Therefore, most avoid body-weight exercises because they’re just hard. For example, How often you see people do pull-ups? Instead, you will see more do lat pull downs on machines and think they will be achieving the same benefits regarding effort level and degree of difficulty. Sound familiar right? The pull-ups work your lats and other back muscles, rear delts (shoulders), arms (forearm and upper arm), and traps.  If you’ve been doing push-ups and other push movements, you need to incorporate more back exercises to balance your physique.


One leg Chair Squats

One leg Chair Squats is one exercise that will challenge your quads, hamstrings, glutes, and core. Along with muscle growth; it tests your balance, mobility, and stability of the hip, knee, and ankle. The more mobile you are, the more stability and strength you must have to control the movement.  This exercise can be executed on a chair or any surface when squatting and can help see which leg is weaker/stronger than the other.


Quick Takeaway

Be able to handle your body-weight is one of the bets ways to empower yourself while getting the results required. While being in a rush, knowing a few exercises can equip you to stay ahead. Looking for a program specifically tailored for you to maximize on the outcome, click here to send me a email to discuss about my online coaching and to see what can be done for you.

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