Using Your Playlist As Inspiration


You head to the gym, you dress out, maybe hit the treadmill or move some weight, but you half-ass through your training. If this you? Don’t worry, sometimes just getting yourself warmed up can be the hard part. You put the time and gas into traveling to the gym, why not give it your all?

Although it may be easier said, I have had sessions where it was tough to push myself as hard as I want to. So, what I do is I play my playlist and let the music fire me up. Sometimes music makes all the difference. It is best to find the right type of music that can intensify your feelings to have you run faster, lift more weight or do more overall. Once you see the right music, fill your playlist with it. For example, when I am lifting weights I like to listen to instrumentals because a good beat needs to match the speed in which I am going. Also, It may be good to organize your playlist and name them according to what you are doing in the gym. The time you put in sorting your playlist may work best, so you don’t waste time flipping through the library to find the perfect song. So next time you train, just be careful not to lose focus on the task at hand, and that’s your training!

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