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Eating clean can mean several things, which is the confusing part. For a regular person, it can mean nutritional foods that you are close to their natural states such as fruits, vegetables, seeds, nuts, grain, and processed foods with less than five ingredients. Unless you are a bodybuilders or fitness competitors, strict eating may allow the necessary macro and micro-nutrients in the diet. This way of consumption can be a 24/7 thing or can be temporary for to reach a particular goal. As you continue to read, you will find these steps useful that will take your eating from a hit-or-miss consumption to a lean body-sculpting program of eating clean.


Stay Hydrated

Water is used to eliminate waste from the body. When you sweat in the gym, you get rid of waste. When you are consistently using the restroom, you are getting rid of waste. If you start eating clean, increasing your water intake will flush your body of toxins brought upon food additives, sugary junk and unhealthy fats (just to name a few).

If you ever stepped inside of a gym, notice why people have gallon jugs of water? That is because intense or moderate type training requires extra water intake. I usually suggest that my clients drink at least a gallon of water per day along with eliminating drinks that are high in chemicals, high calories, and sugar.


Get Rid of Junk Food

Getting rid of junk food may seem helpful to most as eating clean requires that you eliminate the waste. I understand that it’s so hard to get rid of the sweets. Best substitute to use is fruits. Explore by eating different varieties; you may find one that best fits you. In general, eliminate all junk food, simple sugars, and snacks that may be your time-saving favorites. It is best for you to prepare. Get rid of all those sweets and clean your fridge and cabin with healthy foods.

Those that live alone can grab a trash bag and empty out the fridge. Your current way of living may interfere so that it will take some heart. Some believe that it’s wrong to waste food. The saying may hold some truth, but again, if the food contains no nutritional value, what good is it in the first place. Focus on your physique that a good kitchen can provide to you. For those that have people or children living with them, it involves more discipline.


Balance your eating

Balance out your portion and focus on food combining. To build muscle, you need to shift the balance from empty carbs and calories to healthy fats, slow releasing carbs, and quality proteins. When it comes to portion, you need to listen to the body.

There are those that believe that you must eat til you’re full to be satisfied and this, is far from the truth. Your body will tell you when you finish as you take the time to chew your food slowly. The combination of food is something I believe in for you cannot eat fruits, for examples bananas along with avocados. Bananas have a high amount of sugar and avocados have higher fat content and that don’t mix well!


Carbs for Muscle growth

Good carbs help with muscle growth while maintaining leanness of the muscles. Carbs are necessary to restore muscle’s energy levels after a training session. Usually, it’s best to eat most of your carbs on the day that you train for better use of energy. Good carb choices can be old-fashioned oatmeal, brown rice, potatoes, and fruits.


Healthy Fat Counts

An essential but forgotten factor is that eating clean requires you to avoid some of the bad fats (trans fats to name one) and replace them with healthy fats. Once bad fats are taken out, you can add healthy fats into your diet. Fat has a positive effect on the body by encouraging muscle-building while decreasing body fat levels.

Healthy fat choices would be coconut, nuts, seeds, avocados, nut butter such as almond butter and cashew butter, and peanut butter but this will only have to be peanut butter only or with salt added, just to be safe.


Quick Takeaway

There you have five easy steps towards clean eating. Follow these guidelines, and you are more than likely able to see changes not only in your body but the mind as well. If you are looking to further your discipline towards incorporating more plants and developing healthy behavioral strategies, click here to send an email to discuss what can be best for you.

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